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Doxxed and verified

Greetings, earthlings. We come in peace to make NFTs more accessible for new creators. 

Our lead artist has a high-profile client portfolio including some of the biggest names in gaming, animation and television.

We welcome you all to join us in our journey to the future of web3.


Welcome to the future.

DopeDrops is a Solana NFT launchpad from the creators of Dope Duck Club, built on the belief that great projects with strong utility and a dedicated team should get the hype that they deserve.


We do things differently.

We are creators who started from nothing other than a passion to build something incredible. Our application to the Magic Eden launchpad was declined because they only accept projects with major financial backing and/or strong industry connections.


All of the other launchpads were unappealing because the majority of their past launches were total flops. But why is that the case?

Well... all a launchpad does is create a Candy Machine, send some whitelist tokens and, if you're lucky, they might take two minutes out of their day to write a few sentences about you in their Discord server. This is not good enough.

We provide all of the services you need for a successful launch in-house at no upfront cost. From artwork and metadata generation to collab management to social media marketing, no request is too big for us. 


Ok. What's the catch?

There isn't one. To put it simply: if you succeed, we succeed and so do the holders of our NFTs. We will only invest in the projects we believe in so our risk is limited.

We provide our services at no upfront cost to you, and we just recoup the money we have invested out of your mint proceeds. We make no commission, we add zero surprise fees and we make sure everything is okay with you before we press go.

Our fees are simple. 15% of your profits if you hold 3 of our Gold cards, or 20% if you don't. Please see our whitepaper for full details.


Earn a share of our profits!

Holders of the DopeDrops NFT collection earn shares of all profits generated by our launchpad!

Gold: 0.2% per NFT staked

Silver: 0.016% per NFT staked

Bronze: 0.002% per NFT staked